How to earn money by shortening URL in google in android and pc 

so guys now you can get money by sharing urls in google url site (same process in android and pc) and sharing them with your friends (sharing is caring 🙂 ) but now sharing profits you also. First you must copy the link which you want to shorten and then the shortened address is copied and pasted by you in any social media and how many clicks you get that much money you will get there are many url shortenings sites which give you money but they will give very less money for you there is a website called adfly which gives you more money but it is banned in india so for doing that you have to install vpn softwares like tor browser. Ok now lets get into our topic 

  • First you have to go to website
  • And now which link you want to shorten you copy that link and paste it here.
  • Now click on shorten url button

  • Now click on that clipboard icon then your shortened link will be copied to your clipboard if you have any notepad in your device then go and paste in it or if you dont have then i prefer fnote which is available in the googl play store. In pc also same process but in this step you will see a captcha saying you to identify some hope you found this article helpful if you have any doubts then just contact us at

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