How to take photos and record video using in built camera or web cam in pc.

hello guys, in this post we are gonna see how to take photos and videos using front camera or webcam in windows 7 of course you can use in all the windows versions but if you have an inbuilt camera then you will get inbuilt camera app for windows 8, 8.1, 10 but if you dont like that software and you installed windows 7 then there will be a problem with camera. you will not find camera app and you have to download it and if you dont have an inbuilt camera and you are using the windows 8 or above version and want to attach the webcam then you can just simply go to windows store and download camera app. So now i will recommend a free camera app for windows 7 users so lets get into our topic.

i recommend you to go with my cam app

my cam link :

after downloading just extract it with win rar

winrar link :

for both softwares just click on alternative downlad


so guys hope you fund this useful if possible please share this and susbcribe to my youtube channel swatej tech

bye bye :).



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